Grateful is happy.

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of thinking about what we don’t have—romantic love, money, children, health, possessions, friends, career. It can be harder to stop obsessing about unfulfilled wishes. The more we dwell on lack, the more painfully we feel it. And ruminating on what we want but don’t have doesn’t make us happy or bring our desires into being.

By contrast, gratitude is a feel-good state of mind. It puts our focus on appreciating what we do have, helping us feel blessed and fulfilled in the moment. The positive vibe of thankfulness emanates out into the quantum field, helping us attract more of what we enjoy.

Today’s message reminds me of the transformative power of gratitude. When I’m thankful, I alter my perception of what is, making life feel richer and more satisfying. This perceptual shift aids me in noticing yet more reasons to be grateful. Gratitude sets off a positive feedback loop inside me.

Please reflect and share. How does gratitude affect you?