Reflection brings clarity.

We’ve all been faced with a situation without an obvious solution. The more we try to figure it out, the more frustrated and confused we feel. If only there were a clear and definitive answer.

Sometimes using only our conscious mind to solve things doesn’t work well. Our conscious mind only has access to what we remember and the facts at hand as we perceive them. This restricts the data available for decision-making.

Consulting with others may yield additional information, which is also subject to their personal limitations. So, how do we get a more complete overview of the situation?

When we add input from our subconscious mind, we gain a more nuanced viewpoint. The quantum field, which we connect to through our subconscious, hold all possibilities and all information. But how do we access it?

Any type of reflective practice—meditation, dream work, prayer, journaling, chanting mantras, etc.—can quiet our conscious mind and allow our subconscious input to shine through. Using information from both conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind gives us a more complete understanding.

Today’s message advises it’s time for me to get more reflective. The vision I gain by thinking less and intuiting more will help me navigate issues more easily. For me clarity is an inside job.

Please reflect and share. What brings you clarity?