Experience is where it’s at.

We live moment to moment. The past and future may appear to us as separate from the present, but our lives are simply a blended strand of now.

We may have the habit of ruminating on what we think of as the past, often with regret. Occasionally our pondering is a revisit of happy events. But when we dredge up past memories, our brain processes them, and we feel them as it they are happening now.

We also have goals and dreams of what we’d like to have happen in what we think of as the future. We may even visualize these desired events in great detail. Again, our brain serves us up sensations as if they are a current occurrence.

However, when we focus on either the past or the future. we rob ourselves of what is going on right now. We miss out on the joys and learnings of the present moment by reliving or positing events that don’t exist presently. And we will never again have the opportunity to experience the now in precisely the same way.

Today’s message is a call for me to pay attention to what is going on in the moment. This now is unique for me and unlike any other now I’ve had or will have. When I savor the now with my complete attention, I leverage experience to its full potential.

Please reflect and share. How much do you live in the moment?