Don’t mourn the past.

All of us have something painful in our pasts, something done to us or something we regret doing. It’s easy to get lost repetitively in feeling bad about what has been. We have an emotional tie to our past misfortunes.

This emotional baggage keeps us tethered to our pain. We relive it on replay. Our focus on the pain also leads us to attract similar circumstances in the present.

Today’s message offers me the opportunity to free myself from the pain of the past. I can accept what occurred completely—no denial—and then let myself feel the accompanying emotions fully but briefly.

And then I need to let them go, so I can release the pattern in myself. The experience will still exist in my past but my difficult amotions around it don’t have to persist. My past wounds don’t predict my present or future life.

Please reflect and share. Are there emotions around the past it would be helpful for you to release?