Discomfort is a sign.

All of us feel uncomfortable at times in one way or another. Clothing that doesn’t fit, awkward social interactions, bodily aches, emotional turmoil—we’ve all experienced these kinds of discomfort.

Often, we just try to bear up under it with the hope that it will pass. And often it does. With regrettable frequency, we may find ourselves in the same scenario again.

Pain or discomfort is a message from ourselves to ourselves. Something is going on that isn’t in our best interests, and we’re being given the awareness and opportunity to do something about it.

If we self-medicate by taking painkillers, overeating, working compulsively, drinking or doing drugs, or binge-watching compelling content, we attempt to block the message from our awareness. This can be successful in that we ignore the signs we’re given, but usually fails in that the underling situation remains unchanged.

When we attempt to understand why we’re in discomfort, we unlock the possibility of improving things for ourselves.

Today’s message asks me to delve a bit deeper into why I might feel uncomfortable. Self-awareness can help me heal any root causes.

Please reflect and share. What discomfort might you be ignoring?