Do something you love today!

During the holiday season, we tend to keep busy with social events and self-appointed tasks. Parties, cleaning, decorating, buying and wrapping presents, baking goodies, writing and mailing greeting cards—the list goes on and on. Self-care can be easily ignored, and in spite of all our busyness we may not be full of the holiday spirit.

In our rush to accomplish, it’s easy to ignore activities that make us feel alive and joyful. We prioritize potential future happiness over present happiness. Now is the only moment we currently enjoy, so it makes sense to ensure we engage in at least one happy pursuit each day.

Today’s message advises that fun is a worthy goal. Making sure that happy activities are part of my daily routine boosts my life quality overall, as residual happiness can color my entire day. Happiness is part of my self-care.

Please reflect and share. Do you regularly do things you love?