Always on track.

As a society, we tend to be goal oriented. Many of us have a fairly definite idea of what we want. The how to get there may not be so clear to us.

We can worry about whether we’re on the right path. We likely see that path as a straight line from where we are to where we think we should be.

Any deviations from that direct route are probably accompanied by self-recrimination. If we were doing everything right, wouldn’t there be no obstacles?

But what if what we see as detours and setbacks are a necessary part of the path? What if they offer us opportunities for self-reflection and course correction? What if they help us refine ourselves and our goals so that we end up happier and healthier?

Today’s message reminds me that a pause or a setback is an opportunity. I am gifted a chance to clear myself of unnecessary baggage, review my priorities, and refine my approach.

Please reflect and share. What helps you feel that you’re on the right track?