Grow yourself

We all get the concept of investment. We put our effort and resources toward a goal to build something.

We invest for financial security, education funds, or retirement. We put our attention and focus into relationships and careers to keep them strong or improve them.

We invest in self-care. Often this takes the form of tending to our physical function through healthy diet, exercise, and medicines or supplements. We also may care for our skin and hair, tending to our appearance.

We may even be diligent in caring for our emotional and mental selves through meditation or mindfulness or seeing a therapist to help us resolve issues.

What we might miss out on doing is tending to our spiritual selves. We’re divinely interconnected in all Creation, but often we believe, think, and act in ways that belie that truth.

When we actively and regularly pursue a deeper understanding of ourselves and our inherent spiritual nature, things shift. Our perspective and our goals may alter. We find we feel more at peace with what is. We have less need to chase after material goals.

Today’s message advises me that my inner work—communication with and conscious connection in the divine—is an essential part of self-care. When I invest in growing myself on all levels, I am balanced, stable, and strong.

Please reflect and share. What do you do to grow yourself?