Creation needs freedom to bless us best.

Many of us know what we want, and often it is different than what we have. We may hold a very specific image of what we would prefer. Wouldn’t it just be nice if Creation would hop to and deliver it pronto?

While it’s fine to know what we desire, Creation doesn’t need a detailed order ticket in order to bless us. There may be factors unknown to us that would make our preferred outcome less than ideal for us. Divine timing may also be other than our idea of perfect timing. When we script our vision too precisely, we limit Creation’s ability to do what it does best—bless us in unexpected yet perfect ways.

Today’s message advises me to picture what I want in broad strokes only. Doing so will allow Creation the wiggle room needed to improve on my vision. I trust Creation to bless me with perfect gifts and opportunities.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust in Creation’s benevolence?