Resistance is a form of fear.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We all have things we postpone, avoid or even actively fight against. Sometimes we consciously know the reason(s) why and sometimes we don’t. But somehow the thing we resist looms even larger the more we do so.

The things we resist can be optional—contacting an annoying acquaintance—or mandatory—filing legal paperwork. If optional, we can make a final decision never to do so, and thereby free ourselves. That’s what has been happening through our avoidance, anyway. If mandatory, we can take a few moments to explore the apprehension behind our resistance. We can be gentle in understanding ourselves and then proceed to take action. It’s like ripping off a bandage—best done quickly and decisively.

Today’s message advises that resistance denies my power. When I avoid something out of fear, I allow that it has power over me. In doing so, I reduce myself. When I recognize my fear and act anyway, I affirm confidence in myself and my ability to handle things.

How about you? Do you resist out of fear?