What we want reveals our wounds.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We all have wants. Recognition, a romantic partner, children, money, possessions, power, health—these are some of our more common desires. We believe life will be good with these things present for us, and feel their lack leaves us incomplete.

Yet it isn’t so much the things themselves we really want as much as what they represent. If we grew up poor with limited food and clothes, money may represent abundance. If we received limited affection and attention from our parents, romantic love or children may equate to validation of our worth. Wherever we have a hold in our psyche, we will generate a want to try to fill the void.

Today’s message asks me to carefully reflect upon my wants. What underlying aspects do they represent to me? If I achieved them, would it satisfy me? Would I be happier if I healed the original mental and emotional scars instead? When I understand why I want what I want, I begin to free myself.

How about you? What relationship do you see between your wants and your wounds?