Inner turmoil expresses in outer reactions.

We surprise ourselves sometimes. We may be capable of more than we thought—that’s a pleasant occurrence. Our inner strength and wisdom may surpass our opinion of ourselves.

Less welcomely, we may find ourselves gob smacked by our own behavior and words. Something we do or say arises, to all appearances from out of the blue. We may end up behaving in what we feel is an uncharacteristic way. Where did that come from?

Often, there is some unhealed experience from our past making itself known again. Something in the current situation triggers the associated feelings, and we erupt, seemingly without cause, from an outside perspective.

If we take a moment to ask ourselves what just occurred and feel our way to an answer, we will likely find an unpleasant memory arises. When we nurture ourselves around the past experience and forgive ourselves for the current outburst, we can then release ourselves from the grip of the past. It’s time to move forward in a freer way.

Today’s message reminds me to go interior anytime I feel uncomfortable with my behavior. When I clear myself of old emotional baggage, I walk through life more lightly in the present.

Please reflect and share. What outburst of yours might give you clues about how to love yourself more?