Resist resistance.

It seems to be part of being human. Sometimes we bristle at people or situations. Some aspect of what’s going on makes us uncomfortable and we push back.

It’s part of our natural defense mechanisms. We’re wired to avoid danger or fight off aggression.

In modern society, there are likely few instances that actually physically threaten us. But we’re patterned to resist danger, so we may see it where it doesn’t actually exist. We may react similarly to scenarios that are annoying rather than perilous.

Our resistance can make us thorny for others to deal with. It also consumes personal energy and focus we might better use to enjoy what we do want.

Only we can break ourselves of the resistance habit. The first step is awareness.

When we notice ourselves having a knee-jerk reaction to someone or something, we can stop and ask if our behavior is warranted or helpful. If not, we can then choose to act differently. We can course correct. Eventually, we may find ourselves resisting less in life.

Today’s message invites me to muse on what I’ve been resisting recently. It’s time to resist resistance and relax into acceptance.

Please reflect and share. What has you feeling resistant?