You’ve got this.

At times, we may feel out of our depth. It can seem that life is more complicated or difficult than we can handle.

We’re afraid—afraid of messing things up, of not knowing what to do, of not being strong enough, of simply not being good enough.

These are normal human reactions, but they’re generally not reality based. It’s likely that we haven’t made a complete and utter mess of our life to date in all situations.

Yes, we’ve probably made some mistakes and had some setbacks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll have the same experience over and over again in the future. In fact, that’s very unlikely.

The biggest impediment we’re facing is likely our own fear of being inadequate. And that fear isn’t evidence based, in almost any situations. We go through our days, for the most part, doing what we need to do and handling what arises.

It’s far more believable that we will have what we need to do what we want in our lives, if only we relax into allowing it to happen. The more we can accept that Creation wants us to succeed and be happy, the more we allow it to happen.

Today’s message suggests I move forward with confidence in whatever efforts I engage in. When I back myself, what I want and need flows to me more readily.

Please reflect and share. Are you confident about yourself?