Solutions come when we are ready.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Sometimes when an issue arises, it’s obvious what we should do. We can proceed to action, confident we’re doing the right thing.

Other times it isn’t that simple. We may not have a clue about where to begin to address the problem. Or we may face a confusing array of options, uncertain of how and what to pick.

We may need more information to choose well. Or we may not be internally ready to move forward. Strong emotions or resistance can hold us back from seeing things clearly and/or being able to proceed. Or perhaps on some level we perceive, often subconsciously, that the timing isn’t right just yet.

Today’s message advises me that solutions come to me at the most beneficial time for me. If I’m unable to see a good course of action, I will want to ask myself what I need to feel ready to go ahead. Perhaps I need to research (always a personal favorite); or I may need to release any personal fears, triggered emotions, and resistance.

If I’m certain of the facts and details and feel internally clear about the issue, then I may wish to allow myself an arbitrary waiting period. This will help me not stress while the correct solutions forms itself. I’m always free to re-review if my self defined wait time has passed. The answer I need will present itself more readily when I am calm, clear, and patient.

How about you? What do you do when a solution to a problem isn’t apparent?