Get practical

Sometimes we’d like some power from above to fix our problems. We may be tired of dealing with them or overwhelmed by them.

It may be tempting to rely on the divine to solve them for us. Or we may pray or visualize a solution, hoping that will be enough to bring about a solution.

And yes, sometimes it might be. But it is likely wise not to rely on divine providence entirely. Creation pays more attention to our requests for help when we’re also helping ourselves too. It’s prudent for us to have some skin in the game.

When we get practical on our behalf, we can take a problem or goal and brainstorm all the reasons we won’t be able to solve it. Then one-by-one we can figure out a starting strategy for each impediment. The issue won’t seem as overwhelming when we address each difficulty separately.

We also can devise a first step for each strategy. Now we have an action plan. As we complete one next step, we can then identify the following step.

We can continue to pray or visualize, but our requests now can be more specific. They’ll also have the backing of our personal mojo, because we’ve invested ourselves in the solution.

Today’s message invites me to get practical about any issues I’ve been postponing addressing. When I devise an action plan and identify a first step, I’ll be that much closer to a solution.

Please reflect and share. What postponed issue might you address with a practical approach?