Notes From The aWARENESS: 289

What’s going on inside is more important than what’s going on outside.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’ve all been unsettled by recent events. The pandemic and the election and its aftermath have spun out chaos around us. We consume the news and feel worried and stressed; we struggle to find things that help us feel optimistic. It seems our once routine existence has been upended, and we’re uncertain of what the future may hold.

As much as our outside world has been disarranged, our inner worlds have been disturbed, too. We feel isolated and ill at ease, juggling pandemic precautions with navigating the minefield of personal relationships with folks of differing political persuasions. We don’t find peace in the world around us and have difficulty finding it within ourselves too.

Today’s message suggests I focus on putting my inner world in order. It is something I can control. How I believe, think and feel will color my perception of the world around me and contribute to the reality I manifest. If I want to see peace and harmony in the world, I must first nurture it inside myself. The less I judge myself and others and the more I gratefully accept the good in what is, the easier it will be to achieve inner calm and self-certitude. I can then project this peace and confidence out into my exterior world. I create my surroundings by weaving my inner beliefs, thoughts, and feelings in outer words and deeds.

How about you? How might pacifying your inner self create calm around you?