Notes From The Awareness: 290

Cat people and dog people both love animals.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life.

I’ll start us out. Some of the most popular animal companions are cats and dogs. Cats rule the hearts of some folks while others simply adore dogs. Yet other folks care for both species equally.

There are numerous articles written about why cats make better pets than dogs, or vice versa. We can find further writings about what our pet preferences predict about our personalities. Yet no one doubts that a dedicated cat or dog owner loves their animals and treasures their presence.

Today’s message reminds me that love is often expressed in a variety of ways. I’m smitten with cats, but also enjoy dogs (although I’m allergic to them) and appreciate animals and communicating with them, in general. I’m further advised that political party preference is not unlike pet preference. I choose a political party or candidate that best aligns with my overall values and life experience. Whether I favor cats over dogs or democrats over republicans is not as important as the face that I love animals and love my country. My preferences simply reflect my personal expression of my love.

How about you? How do you feel about pet and political party preferences?