Notes From The Awareness: 288

Personal perspective illuminates nothing.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have our own take on things and often it varies from that of others. The differences have become painfully obvious in recent months. How can it be that folks we felt were good people seem to be so wrong-headed? Were we in error in our vision of them in the past? Or are we now? Could we—unthinkable, isn’t it—possibly have been wrong in the past or are we currently?

Our present sociopolitical situation is a primer in separation consciousness. We are attempting to use our physical minds, which function as the seats of our free will and repositories for what we’ve experienced in our physical bodies, to evaluate situations that are bigger than we are. Our physical minds’ perceptions will always be limited in scope, resulting in incomplete comprehension. To be able to understand more fully, we need additional input.

The most complete source of conception arises from our interconnection in the divine, our sharing within. Shared divine consciousness has no gaps in its vision. It perceives through the combined awareness of all creation. Because it is an inherently loving consciousness, it sees all through the eyes of love. When we are willing to open our perception to encompass more of the divine, we too can begin to view ourselves and all existence more lovingly.

Today’s message advises me that I will never be able to think my way to more complete awareness. Allowing more loving divine consciousness to inform my perceptions will expand my awareness and help me rise above separation consciousness. Divine loving consciousness shines its light on all equally and can make the perfection of all creation clearer to me.

How about you? How do you step outside your personal perceptions?

Feeling in need of an injection of divine, loving consciousness in your life? Want to rise above the current divisive zeitgeist? My book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human can help provide a way to gain a more complete and loving perspective on life. Many of the concepts presented in my blog arise from material in the book. I still refer to it when I feel myself getting off track and hope it might provide you with inspiration as well.