Notes From The Awareness: 287

Love expands us.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Many of us have been holding ourselves tightly, holding onto our thoughts and beliefs tightly, as we navigate through challenging pandemic and political times. We clutch onto ways of thinking and assumptions we’ve found to be tried and true, hoping they will armor us against difficulty, opposition, and changes. Standing tall and firm in what we believe to be right, we become inflexible.

This rigid stance may make us feel safer and more justified in our beliefs, thoughts, and actions, but also keeps us in oppositional mode. It does not solve or heal any of the divisions we experience with others. We remain spiritually, ideologically, and physically isolated, still butting up against the issues that caused us to choose our firm and unvarying outlooks in the first place.

Today’s message reminds me that love is the universal solvent. It is capable of dissolving all my fears, barriers, and blocks. Love is also the ultimate nurturer, healing and growing me and all the rest of creation equally without any discrimination or judgment. When I allow love to fill me, releasing any spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional rigidity in me, I can expand into realization of a more perfect state, one where I and others are not separate but conjoined in loving, divine consciousness. Love frees me to be a more complete and truer version of myself.

How about you? How might love open you to a more perfect way of being?