Notes From The Awareness: 286

Caution does not have to be fearful.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We have plenty to be wary of these days, from COVID-19 precautions to navigating conversations with friends and loved ones of differing viewpoints. It can be wearing to be consistently careful, and our concern and exhaustion can lead to fear.

Fear over pandemic risk and worry about the potential loss of friends and loved ones due to illness or estrangement can make us twitchy and edgy. We may feel like we’re in a continual state of high alert, waiting for something bad to happen.

Todays message advises me that I can be neutrally cautious, careful but not fearful. I don’t feel afraid when I buckle my seat belt; I simply do so as a prudent habit. COVID-19 precautions and care in conversations are similar. They are routine preventative actions I need to take regularly, but do not require me to be scared. I simply will want to approach them as wise self-care. Appropriate caution helps me feel confident.

How about you? How can you be cautious without fear?