Notes From The Awareness: 222

Fortunate circumstances are always present, if we are willing to recognize them.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We often parse out spans in life as either good times or bad times, seeing turns of events as either lucky or unlucky. We’re less likely to see our existence as a mixed bag, a collation of both desirable und undesirable occurrences.

This tendency toward an absolute interpretation of our personal reality can put us on an emotional roller coaster. We can alternate between highs and lows, feeling supremely satisfied or downcast.

Most of our days are a combination of both happy and unhappy events, with the balance tipping sometimes more one way and sometimes more the other. This leaves life seeming splendid, okay, or horrible.

Today’s message reminds me that nothing is ever unequivocally bad. Even the most difficult days have some bright spots in them. When I am less caught up in evaluating things as they occur, I will be freer to recognize and enjoy desirable events in the moment. Less judgment of what life delivers will bring me more happiness right now.

How about you? How do you notice and savor the many good things that happen each day?