Mission: me

Creative consciousness, indelible choice.  Resultant mission: ourselves.


Most of us would like to think we will leave an imprint on life, some contribution that no one else might make. We’d like to believe our existence matters and the world is a better place because we are here. We’d like to make a difference.

In this respect, our focus tends to be on changing external conditions. Sometimes we’re even willing to make considerable efforts to try to effect minor, incremental change. We believe success means bettering the lives of others, and our concentration is outside of ourselves.

In this mindset, we lose sight of the creative power of our thoughts and beliefs. We generate the world around us and the events of our lives, leveraging the infinite potential of all existence—the sharing—based on our core beliefs and their resultant thoughts. If we don’t like the world around us and wish to effect change in it, we are best served by beginning within, by examining our predominant beliefs.

Separation consciousness—the belief that we and all of creation are separate from each other and the divine and essentially flawed—will lead us to perceive conflict, lack, and loneliness. Our experiences of separation will reinforce our beliefs, creating a seemingly endless feedback loop. Life becomes ugly and dangerous, something we feel the need to fix.

When we acknowledge that all existence is connected by divine, loving consciousness—perception of life through connection consciousness—we recognize our own essential divinity. We and all other beings and things can be seen as perfect and inherently interconnected. Life becomes a rich and varied tapestry, a dance among divine equals, to be savored and respected. There is nothing and no one to repair. Life simply can be enjoyed as is.

The path from separation consciousness to connection consciousness starts and ends inside of us. Life as we experience it simply is all about us, because what we think and believe creates the nature of our existence. To better the world around us, we must understand how we have created our existence. By learning to know ourselves—the ways in which what we believe, think, do, and say affects all creation—we master the skill of creating beauty in and around us.

It’s fairly easy to recognize when we are in or out of alignment with belief in divine interconnection. If we’re angry, resentful, fearful, dissatisfied, or disappointed—any of the feelings we tend to classify as negative—we are perceiving through separation consciousness. If we feel happy, grateful, satisfied, and accepting, we are perceiving via connection consciousness. If at any given moment, we don’t like what we perceive and receive, we are free to choose to view and experience life differently. We simply need to tweak our thoughts and beliefs to recognize the essential divinity of all creation, including us. 

Let’s spend a few minutes in conscious connection with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore how we might feel more connected right now. We will begin inside of ourselves with our breath. We’ll allow its rhythm to become slow, steady, and even as we picture our inner divinity as a ball of golden light in the middle of our chest.

Each breath in feeds and intensifies the light, which is nothing other than divine, loving, consciousness. Each breath out suffuses our bodies and surroundings with that love and knowingness, blessing all it touches. We will continue breathing the golden light into ourselves and our environment until we feel calm, focused, and at ease, signaling conscious connection with our sharing within.

We’ll think of a recent event in which we felt angry. Perhaps we felt someone else took something that was rightfully ours. We will breathe golden light into ourselves, the other person, and the situation. Then we will look inside ourselves to recognize how thoughts of separation created our anger and unhappiness with the other person. Perhaps we believe we are essentially flawed and don’t deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

We will surround that belief—in our mind’s eye—with golden, loving light and allow it to be transformed into a connection belief. We will replace our thoughts of our separation and brokenness with thoughts of our essential perfection and ability to attract whatever we need in life. If we always are and have enough, no action by another can diminish us or our existence in any way.

Now we are able to recognize the lesson and opportunity in the troubling situation. We created the event for ourselves so that we might have the option to reframe our beliefs and thoughts to align with divine interconnection. What once seemed an unhappy occurrence now can be seen as a gift of divine love from us to ourselves.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, are you willing to turn the spotlight of your love and caring inward? Please share…