Beware of bewaring.

Our news feeds often feature articles about things to watch out for. Safety tips for women in parking lots, advice on how to avoid being hacked, cautions about financial scams—we’re given a variety of advice intended to be helpful in navigating life.

And certainly, some of the advice is useful. However, too much focus on things to beware of can leave us feeling vulnerable. Life can come to seem a dangerous undertaking.

When we see existence as inherently risky, we increase our level of separation consciousness. We may feel we’re separate from the divine and everyone and everything else. This is a lonely mindset, one that can leave us feeling alienated and broken.

When we are sure of our divine interconnection, we experience life from a different perspective. We recognize our inherent divinity and that of others. Life, in general, is something to celebrate.

Yes, things we may think of as “bad” can and will happen. But we try to take them in stride without altering our perspective to be generally fearful.

Today’s message invites me to take basic precautions without supporting them with underlying fear. When I approach life joyfully and sanely, I worry less and enjoy more.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about precautions?