Believe in benevolence.

Sometimes it feels like we live in a dark, broken, or cruel world. Our climate and environment have been degraded. Species are dying off at alarming rates. Humans are in conflict with each other, politically and ideologically. Society is often imbalanced and unfair.

There is no shortage of difficult news. Each day we are bombarded with things that are going wrong. It can all feel rather overwhelming.

This occurs in part because the core consciousness of our third-dimensional reality is separation consciousness—the belief that we are fundamentally broken and incomplete, separate from each other and from the divine.

When separation consciousness is the lens we use to perceive our reality, we’re more likely to see and experience difficult situations, ones that reinforce our fear and mistrust.

In divine reality, everything and everyone is interconnected intrinsically in Creation. There is no one and nothing that is separate. We are all perfect parts of a divine whole.

All of Creation’s parts are conjoined in divine conscious love. Everything and everyone is essentially love, whether or not we’re capable of seeing that.

When we are willing to believe in the omnipresence of divine love, we will find it easier to see it—in others, in ourselves, in events. All of Creation is rooting for every single part of it to be well, to prosper, to know itself as love.

Today’s message invites me to look for and appreciate the benevolence of Creation. When I’m willing to see the good in life and be grateful, I’m far more likely to feel love all around and in me.

Please reflect and share. What aspect of divine benevolence have you experienced today?

For more on escaping separation consciousness, please see my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.”