Inner harmony

Sometimes life can seem discordant. We may feel at odds with others, with circumstances, with our own expectations.

We may be able to achieve harmony in the face of external stressors. We can reach an understanding with folks we conflict with. We may learn to accept what we cannot change in circumstances around us. Both will help us feel more peaceful.

When we’re internally conflicted, things may seem a bit trickier. Part of us feels one way while another part of us feels another way. No matter what we may choose, part of us may be unhappy with the result.

We may need to do a little more soul searching to explore why various parts of us want or don’t want something. What do our conflicting wishes represent? How might we harmonize the warring elements inside us to reach a compromise that is good for and feels right to all parts of us?

When we take the time to achieve inner harmony, not surprisingly, our outer world seems to fall into a more peaceful space as well. Harmony in our lives is an inside job.

Today’s message reminds me that listening to all parts of myself and defusing inner conflict is the route to a more harmonized life. As within, so without.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel harmonized on the inside?