Love will steer you right

The perfect choice is the choice that feels loving.


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We often need to make choices. Particularly in difficult or emotionally laden situations, making a decision is complicated by our heavy feelings surrounding the choice. Sometimes it seems like there is no good option, only a variety of less than desirable alternatives.

Our challenging emotions are a sign that we can deal with the issue in a more satisfying way. Feeling disappointed, hurt, betrayed, angry, disillusioned, resentful, or despairing about the situation comes from perceiving it through the lens of separation consciousness—the belief that we and others are flawed and inherently separate from each other and the divine. As long as we choose from this perspective, our alternatives will seem less than desirable, and we’ll continue to be upset, even with the eventual outcome.

In order to shift our result, we need to alter our underlying belief. When we are willing to view the situation from the standpoint of connection consciousness—the idea that we and all of creation are intrinsically connection in shared divine loving consciousness—our options and satisfaction levels expand. Seeing ourselves and all involved as divine and perfect allows us to perceive more neutrally. There are no victims or bad guys, just players in the theater of existence.

Getting ourselves emotionally neutral helps us identify and evaluate our options more clearly. From this place of clarity, how do we decide which is best? How do we choose the optimal alternative?

It can be tempting to make choices that will shield our interests, guard our hearts, or send a strong message to a perceived adversary. However, decisions made with the goal of protection only further entrench us in separation consciousness. They affirm that the world is a dangerous place full of possibly malicious people. Choices for protection will lead us to more of what we hope to avoid.

The solution is love. Love unlocks all doors, heals all wounds, eases all fears, and dissolves all difficulties. It also steers us to make good decisions. When we consider a difficult situation, a choice that is centered in love and helps us feel loving is the option that will create the most joy.

When we choose from loving connection, we bust out of separation consciousness into experiences of happiness, pleasant coincidences, and expanded possibilities. Love opens us to the bounty of the universe (aka the sharing).

Let’s spend a few moments in conscious connection with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore choosing from love. We will begin by focusing on our breath. We’ll let it become smooth, steady, and even. As we do so, we’ll picture our sharing within as a ball of golden light glowing in the center of our chest.

Each inhalation feeds the light, making it strong and brilliant. Each exhalation spreads the light throughout our body and environment. We will continue the visualization and rhythmic breathing until we feel calm, centered, and certain, signaling conscious connection with our sharing within.

We’ll ponder a current difficult situation facing us, one requiring us to make a decision. Perhaps we must decide whether to end an unsatisfactory business relationship. Perhaps we have to choose how to respond to a verbal attack. Perhaps we need to elect how to discipline a consistently disobedient child.

We will visualize the situation in front of us, and breathe golden heart light into it. We will recognize that we don’t need to be either victim or aggressor in this circumstance; we simply need to make a choice that honors the divine interconnection of all involved.

We’ll continue surrounding the situation in love and light as we ponder our alternatives. We can easily identify the perfect choice, because our heart will feel open and free when we think of it. A loving heart is our guide to choosing well. Loving choices will make us happier.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what makes you feel loving? Please share…