Wise up

Wisdom comes with the willingness to transcend knowledge.


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Much of our life is spent in pursuit of understanding. We somehow think that having more data will help us make better choices, leading us to be happier. We equate knowledge with power, and believe knowing more will help us be more in charge of our lives.

We rest the responsibility for making our lives satisfying firmly with our physical mind. We’re certain that superior knowledge will prevent us from making mistakes, causing us to enjoy life more. We place our trust in information and our mental capacity.

Revering our thought processes keeps us stuck in third-dimensional separation consciousness. Life is then a struggle, full of dangers and pitfalls. In this mindset, wariness and canniness are allies to help us come out on top of situations. We believe we can think our way out of life’s messes. The physical mind is king.

The physical mind is essential to our well being. It’s important for running autonomic physical processes like breathing and digestion, and for storage of memories and information. It also allows us to make free will choices.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with informed choices. Making choices with all our available resources is healthy. However, we usually limit this practice to using the resources available to our physical mind. In doing so, we ignore our divine knowingness.

We are not merely a physical body, complete with a mind. We are a spiritual being expressing itself within a physical body. Divinity is encoded inside of us, and we are an inseparable part of a loving, conscious whole—the sharing.

When we acknowledge our inner divinity, we choose, of our free will, to allow it to inform our beliefs and choices. Conscious cooperation between our physical mind and our inner divinity—our sharing within—allows us access to all the resources of creation. We optimize our ability to experience and choose when we conjoin physical mind and sharing within.

Wisdom arises from allowing the divine to infuse our thoughts and decisions. When we are willing to trust in the benevolence of loving consciousness, we lay down the heavy burden of having to figure out life all by ourselves. We are willing to share our difficulties and challenges with the divine, and in doing so multiply our freedom and joy.

Let’s take a few minutes to explore fostering conscious connection with our sharing within, to allow the divine a part in our decision-making process. We’ll start with focus on our breath. We will allow our inhalations and exhalations to become slow, regular, and relaxed.

While we do so, we’ll picture our sharing within—our inner divinity—as a globe of golden light in the center of our heart region. Each breath in stokes the light, making it strong and bright. Each breath out distributes golden light throughout our body and surroundings.

We’ll continue until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within. We will recognize this state through feelings of calm, peace, and certainty.

We will think of an upcoming decision, one that we’re apprehensive about making. Perhaps we need to choose whether to change jobs. Perhaps we must pick between two options for medical treatment. Perhaps we’re debating whether or not to get married. For ease of initial practice, we’ll choose a decision that presents two alternatives.

Next we’ll detail all the pros and cons in our mind, employing all the information we’ve accumulated.

We will picture the choice in front of us and place our mental list of advantages and disadvantages underneath it. We’ll breathe golden heart light into both choice and list, and ask for wisdom—the infusion of divine guidance into our decision.

Divine loving consciousness can perceive all aspects of the situation. It understands what is for our highest good. We can leverage infinite and expanded understanding to help us make an optimal choice. We’ll use our physical body in its natural role, as a home for divine consciousness, in this process.

We’ll breathe golden heart light throughout our body until we feel relaxed and neutral. We will ponder the first option. We will make mental note of any bodily sensations we experience. Perhaps the thought of remaining in our current job creates tension in the pit of our stomach and tightness in our neck. We will simply note these sensations and proceed.

Next we breathe golden light throughout our body again, to reset our bodily senses. We’ll ponder the second option, again noting all physical sensations. Perhaps accepting the newly offered job makes us feel light-headed and a bit giddy.

Now we’ll use the physical mind to help us interpret the divine messages as expressed through our body. Using the wisdom of body, mind, and spirit, it’s easy to recognize that our current job is difficult for us to stomach and is a pain in the neck. This triune wisdom also shows us that the job on offer would make us happier, but that we need to keep our thoughts and expectations grounded and realistic.

Whatever our decision and the choices we ponder, we can rely on the wisdom of the divine, as expressed by our body, and interpreted by our physical mind. When we are willing to expand our decision-making process beyond what we know, we allow the divine freedom to operate in our best interests. Happiness is easier to achieve when we’re willing to give up the need to control our life through knowledge.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how might you wise up? Please share…