Sometimes our decisions make us feel uncomfortable. We may logically believe we’ve made the correct choice, or we may have felt outside pressure to take a particular course of action.

But something, somehow just may not feel right. We may not be able to put our finger on exactly why, but the situation isn’t sitting well with us.

This is our clue to review our decision-making process. Was our decision reached hastily? Is there some factor that was unknown to us at the time we chose? Was the choice really ours or was it someone else’s?

Most decisions, unless they’re major life or death type decisions, can be undone or revised. If the choice that makes us feel uncomfortable isn’t modifiable, at least an understanding may prevent us from us from future discomfort.

Or perhaps the decision was exactly the right one, but a personal issue or bugaboo is making us question it now. Do we perhaps feel guilty when there is no need to? Did we make a choice that was good or healthy for us, but we may be uncomfortable putting ourselves first?

Understanding the reason for discomfort with a correct choice may help us with personal growth. Having a fresh personal perspective on the situation can help us see things more clearly.

Today’s message reminds me that any discomfort I might feel with my actions or choices is fertile ground to grow my self-compassion and understanding. Healthy decision-making is a skill that I can always improve upon.

Please reflect and share. Are you a healthy decision maker?