You have it in you.

Each of us feels overwhelmed from time to time. Challenging circumstances can rise up, leaving us feeling like we’re unable to cope.

We can and should ask for help, if we need it. Sometimes even just a little bit of assistance can lighten our burden enough to help us feel hopeful again.

But we should not look to others to rescue us. These are our lives, and we have to live them. We’re not victims, we’re just temporarily (most likely) in a difficult space.

We’ve been surviving, one way or another, every day up to and including today. We’ve learned a few things along the way. We have coping skills, and hopefully healthy ones. We just need to remind ourselves to take a deep breath or three and put them into use.

We also are by divine design interconnected with all of Creation. All the strength, wisdom, and persistence of all that is can be called upon to aid us.

Today’s message reminds me that at any time I can go within to consciously connect with all of Creation (aka the Sharing). When I’m willing to acknowledge that divine consciousness resides within me, I unlock my ability to handle life experiences gracefully.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust in your inner strength?