The truth is nothing and everything

Resonate to the truth. Sounds noble, doesn’t it? It merely involves ignoring all the distractions.


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The power of truth in our lives is remarkable. We’ve all heard that the truth will set us free. And yes, this is true! But how do we know what is true at the deepest spiritual level? How can we find truth with any certainty? How can we know what absolute truth is?

The simplest answer is that truth is the lack of anything else. When we’ve pared existence down by removing any thoughts, actions, ideas, judgments, values, beliefs, or sense of identity, what’s left is divine. The truth is nothing other than divine consciousness. This is why meditation is so powerful—in getting our physical mind out of the way, we open the door for direct connection to the divine (aka the sharing). By losing ourselves, we find our divine identity. We resonate to the truth of being an interconnected part of a sacred whole.

When we erase all distractions from our perception of existence, only peace and love remain. We know our place in a benevolent and loving universe and the experience is beautiful. There is nothing lacking because we are connected to everything. There is nothing to change and nothing to strive for; everything is perfect as is. We have only to be and enjoy.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to resonate to divine truth. We will start by relaxing our breathing into a gentle and even pattern. As we inhale, we will visualize our sharing within as a ball of golden light at the center of our chest. As we exhale, the light spreads out through and around us to remind us of our connection to the divine. When we feel a relaxed and easy sense of certainty, we will know we are in conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will continue to focus on the golden light in our heart area. If distractions occur, we will simply let them slip away without judgment and direct our attention to the golden light.  As we continue to breathe the light in and out, we will feel our sense of self begin to expand.  There are no thoughts—only the light. There are no boundaries—there is only the light. There is no us; there is no them—there is only the light. There is no name; there is no personal identity—there is only the light. We will allow ourselves to be in this space of nothingness for a minute or two, until we feel completely calm and safe.

From within the light we will hear a voice: “I AM…divine peace and love.” This is our real identify. We now are resonating to the truth. We will breathe this truth in and out with the golden light for another minute or two, savoring the beauty of being nothing and everything. When we feel ready, we will return our consciousness to our personal identity in the here and now. We know our real nature as intrinsically divine, and we can return to this experience whenever we wish. The beauty is always inside of us.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does it feel to be divine? Please share…