Hate is a signpost

Engage in a relationship with your hate. “I hate this, I hate that.” The telling part is how it identifies you, more than what you love does.


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We all have things we dislike. We don’t like waiting in line; we don’t like being sick. We may not like reality TV shows, or we may not like spicy food. Sometimes our dislike is strong enough that we term it hate. We may hate paying income taxes; we may hate intolerant people.

Love is our most uniting emotion. It is a clear indication of things and people we relate to positively. We all get a nice warm fuzzy feeling talking about what we love. It’s simple and it makes us feel good, in a very natural way. Love shows us how we perceive in an interconnected way. It is the ultimate in connection consciousness.

Hate is our most polarizing emotion. It is a strong and clear delineation of things or people we relate to negatively. We may get a strong and powerful feeling talking about what we hate.  It’s all too easy and it makes us feel good, in an uneasy sort of way. Hate shows us how we perceive in a divided and judgmental way. It is the ultimate in separation consciousness.

Understanding what or whom we hate and why is useful. Underlying the hate are beliefs we hold which help keep us caught in separation consciousness.  Knowing why we hate allows us to choose different beliefs, ones which are more supportive of life in conscious connection with divinity.

Let’s take a few minutes to explore our hate and its source with the assistance of our inner divinity—our sharing within. We will begin by allowing our breath to become soft and regular. As we gently inhale and exhale, we will picture our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our heart region. With each breath in, the light becomes dense and bright. With each breath out, the light pours out to fill us and our surroundings. We will continue until we are aware of conscious connection with our sharing within; we will feel even, relaxed, and peaceful.

We will think of the person or situation we most hate. Perhaps we hate a family member or coworker. Perhaps we hate our economic situation. Whatever or whomever we hate, we will not judge ourselves. We are simply exploring our feelings and beliefs.

We will ask our sharing within to help us gain clarity about the beliefs we hold that supports our hate. Perhaps we hate an uncle whom we feel wronged us, because deep down we believe that we are a victim and that life is unsafe. Perhaps we hate not having enough money, because we hold the basic beliefs that we are unworthy and that there is not enough for everyone. Again we will not evaluate ourselves; we are simply observing.

We will also ask to be shown the thought patterns we hold that reinforce our hateful beliefs. Perhaps we often think “You can never be too careful” and “Bad things always happen to me.” Or perhaps we frequent have thoughts like “Other people have good luck, but not me” and “You have to fight hard to have enough.”

Our sharing within will help us choose new thoughts and beliefs we can use to affirm how we might prefer to view life.  Perhaps we will choose to think “Life and the people around me treat me well. I love myself and my life.” Or perhaps our new thought will be “I am so blessed. Life always gives me exactly what I need.”

We will thank our sharing within for helping us understand ourselves better. Our hate has served as a signpost, showing us the road to separation and lack. We’re grateful we can choose another path and another way of thinking, one that will help us feel connected and enriched. We can redefine ourselves and life any time we wish. Life is good.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how has your hate defined you? Please share…

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  1. This morning I woke up very depressed and couldn’t shake it until late afternoon. The odd, and oddly synchronous thing is that in the depths of my depression, I actually thought how much I hated MYSELF. Thanks, Hilarion, for helping me dissuade myself of that notion and for giving me a key for releasing it.

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