Effort + enjoyment

Many of us believe that we need to work hard to get what we want. We may feel that we need to continually grind in order to be happy and successful.

While it is true that it helps to be personally invested in our goals and dreams, that doesn’t necessarily imply that our effort can’t be enjoyable.

If we’re working hard and seriously all the time, we’re likely doing it wrong. Life is supposed to be savored, not endured. If we spend much of our time slogging along buried in work, how can we be happy?

Yes, we need to put focus and effort toward what we want. If we’re directing our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy toward what we want, we send a clear message to Creation on what we want to manifest.

But it really helps—and I believe it may be even more effective—if we add joy to our efforts. Pure and simple happiness is irresistible and has an energetic charge that attracts what we wish for. So, if we add some song, laughter, silliness, and general happiness to what we do, we supercharge our ability to manifest.

Today’s message reminds me that pursuing a goal should be joyful and not burdensome. When I lighten up my approach toward what I want, it comes to me more easily.

Please reflect and share. Do you spice up your efforts with joy?