Go ahead!

Sometimes we wonder about whether to proceed with an opportunity. We don’t want to have regrets, if things don’t work out as we hope.

We may research, ponder, and waffle. Or we may turn our back on the opportunity, because our uncertainty makes us feel uncomfortable.

In doing so, we may limit our options. While it is true that we may have a second or even third chance, sometimes things only come around once in a particular way.

We might want to ask ourselves, what do we risk if we go ahead. Is the potential pain of a failed attempt worse than the regret of missing out of a good opportunity? Often the risk may we similar, except we may feel more uncomfortable with failure than we do with not trying.

Today’s message encourages me to be more willing to seize new opportunities when they arise. What do I really have to lose?

Please reflect and share. What opportunity faces you right now?