Feed your dreams.

Our desires can sometimes feel so far from reality. Sometimes, we may give up on our dreams because the path to them seems long and unlikely.

Our dreams are our creations. They cannot grow and materialize unless we help give them life. Unless we feed them, our dreams will die.

Feeding our dreams works best when we approach it on all levels—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. When we are all in with our personal energy, our dreams have the best chance of materializing.

Spiritually, recognition that we are interconnected with everyone and everything helps us understand the infinite options available to us. All of Creation is at our disposal. We can feel free to believe in the probability our dreams.

Mentally, we can use the power of visualization and positive thought to create a framework on which our dreams can build. Regular, consistent imagining and supportive thoughts place the order for what we desire in the quantum field.

Emotionally, thankfulness helps us get more of what we want. The happy energy of gratitude, particularly gratitude in advance, acts like a magnet to help attract our desires.

Physically, we need to back our dreams up with consistent words and actions. Words have power, so we’ll want to ensure what we say supports our dreams. Regular small actions toward what we want helps build an irresistible commitment to our dreams.

Today’s message invites me, as this year winds down, to ponder what my dreams truly are. Then, rather than making a New Year’s resolution, I can develop a positive, committed relationship with my dreams.

Please reflect and share. Are you a practical dreamer?