Learn new skills.

Sometimes we don’t understand why we want what we want. It’s characteristic of the human condition. We don’t always make sense to ourselves.

This can be particularly true when we feel pulled to learn a new skill. The skill may seem impractical. Or we may not understand how it will fit into or benefit our lives.

This may be because we cannot imagine or foresee the twists and turns of our future lives. While the skill we desire may not make sense in our current lives, it could be pivotal in our future lives. We just haven’t realized that yet.

Many years ago, a black cat initiated me into animal communication because he wanted me to do a better job of listening to him. At the time, animal communication seemed like a novelty, but useful in dealing with my own cats.

Today, animal communication forms the backbone of my business Starlight Consulting LLC. I had no clue this would be the case. But I suspect that Beauregard did.

Today’s message invites me to learn a new skill, one that I might be curious about. My learnings and exploratory wanderings always have a good purpose, even if I don’t understand it in the present moment.

Please reflect and share. What are you curious about? What would you like to learn?