Nurture abundance with gratitude.

Abundance is something we all aspire to. Most often we may think of it in terms of financial wealth.

But there are many other forms of abundance. Abundant good health, plentiful food and drink, shelter and safety, a bounty of good companionship, plentiful positive experiences, the love and support of family, creative inspiration—all these are other ways abundance appears in our lives.

We may sometimes feel abundance comes easily to us. Other times it may seem to be lacking.

The trick is to focus on the abundance we do have—in whatever form it takes—and to be deeply grateful for it. Our gratitude generates a positive feedback loop in the quantum field. Whatever we’re thankful for, we attract more of it to ourselves.

So, even if we have only a smattering of what we hope to have in a particular area of abundance, being completely grateful for what we do have will open us to receive a larger helping.

Today’s message comes with the backing of my passed cat Shaman. He was a cheerful and happy soul, always ready to enjoy the moment and whatever it offered. He showed me that abundance is a way of being, not what one possesses. When I am in love with what I do have, I attract more of it and much good in addition to my life.

Please reflect and share. How do you define abundance?