Live with spirit.

Sometimes our lives can seem humdrum. We often follow the same workday routines and have habitual activities. Occasionally, certain days will feel blessed and special. But all too often, life may feel a bit flat.

Life is, in general, mostly the same. What can differ is our perception of it. When we feel a connection with all of life, it’s easier to find the magic in everyday things. The opening of our heart via conscious interconnection allows us to see the beauty in everything more readily.

This conscious interconnection represents our soul-level interaction with all of life. We’re more aware of the great goodness of existence and more keyed into our ability to be conscious co-creators.

Today’s message reminds me to live materializing the spiritual and spirtualizing the material. When I’m balanced in life between spiritual awareness and complete enjoyment of physical existence, I live my life with spirit.

Please reflect and share. How do you bring spiritual awareness into everyday life?