Be grateful in advance.

Most days are good enough. We have enough of our basic needs. Nothing dire has occurred. We’re basically okay.

Yet, we long for more than okay. We may be positive and hopeful. We may visualize confidently.

But are we grateful? Grateful for what we do have right now? Grateful in advance for the good things coming our way? Grateful to simply be alive?

Gratitude greases the wheels of manifestation. When we’re grateful—a strong positive emanation—we send the message that we want more good things. Creation responds back positively, giving us more to be thankful for.

Being grateful in advance for what we want is kind of like “pretty please with sugar on top.” It adds a nice and pleasant aspect to our visualizations, giving them more oomph.

Today’s message reminds me that gratitude is always appropriate. When things are good, gratitude is warranted. When things aren’t as desirable, gratitude in advance helps me attract more of what I wish.

Please reflect and share. Are you ever grateful in advance?