Joy over success.

Society raises us to be competitive. We’re trained to want to succeed.

This pattern makes us look outside of ourselves to receive confirmation of our worth. We feel we need recognition to be worthy.

In addition, we may accept others’ definition of what success looks like. We can end up chasing a dream that isn’t of our own making. The pursuit and eventual achievement can leave us feeling flat and wondering why.

Or we may fail to reach the goal we and others believed we needed to achieve. This can result in us feeling like a failure.

The problem likely isn’t our effort. It may well be our enthusiasm.

When we’re in love with what we’re doing, no effort feels like too much. Our joy boosts us up. Most important, we enjoy each stage of our attempt. Win or lose, we’ve had fun and felt fulfilled.

Today’s message advises me that in the end, what matters is how I live my life, not what I do. When I’m happy and fulfilled, kind to myself and others, I live a good and worthy life.

Please reflect and share. What brings you joy?