Reap generous rewards.

Some of us engage in the art of manifestation. We use our inner vision to help make our dreams and goals manifest.

We visualize, use affirmations, create vision boards, etc. to spur the potency of our imagination. Often, we may be surprised when our dreams come true, perhaps more easily than we might have thought, if not always exactly as we visualized.

While we know visualization delivers tangible results, we may be reluctant to be ambitious in our goals. We may tend to dream small, figuring if this goal pans out, we can always ask for more.

However, since manifestation is effective, why not dream big? Why not imagine exactly what we want, or better? Why not believe in the intrinsic generosity of Creation and reap bountiful rewards?

Today’s message invites me to expand the range of my imagining. When I’m willing to dream big, the rewards are freed up to be commensurate.

Please reflect and share. Do you engage in visualization?