Change is good.

Some of us are adrenaline junkies. We like to be challenged and get a rush from speed and risk.

Many others of us enjoy feeling safe. We treasure getting things to be the way we want them to be and then having them remain that way.

Yet others are a combination of these modes. We like our safety and also enjoy occasional adrenaline rushes.

Those of us who prefer safety may also be change averse. Change means things won’t be the same, and that could be unsettling or even potentially dangerous. Why would we want that?

However, change is a constant whether or not we wish it. Flow and evolution are part of the natural order. Stagnation can often mean death. If we cling blindly to safety, we may actually endanger ourselves.

So, we might as well learn to find some joy and benefit in change. Perhaps we might even voluntarily initiate change in our lives. It’s very possible that change will bring us unforeseen joys and pleasures.

Today’s message invites me to initiate some change in my life, perhaps even in an area where I am averse to alteration. When I choose my change rather than having it choose me, I may fool myself into believing that I retain at least a semblance of control over the circumstances.

Please reflect and share. What change might you embrace at this time?