Tune out the static.

There is no shortage of upsetting things in the news. Wars, disease, famine, politics—pick your category, there is something to get fussed about.

Our distress at current events can overshadow our days. We may feel outraged, frightened, or dismayed, affecting our general mood.

And our overall mood affects how we perceive our personal daily lives. If we’re angry, scared or cynical, we relate to others and events around us differently, and usually not in a positive way.

We can allow our feelings about bad things going on to drag down our perception good things that also are happening around us. We may spoil the happiness we could have because we feel life isn’t perfect.

I’m not suggesting we pretend that bad things don’t go on. We certainly can be aware and take any positive steps we want to remediate them. But dwelling on them won’t make them go away and can ruin the everyday goodness of right now.

Today’s message reminds me to be more aware of the positive in life. When I act as needed in response to the negative and then focus on the positive, I will generate more happiness for myself and others.

Please reflect and share. How do you tune out negativity?