It’s all useful

Life is a mixed bag of thing and events we want and those we don’t want. Sometimes, we may feel there’s more we don’t want than do.

We may bemoan the fact that life doesn’t always work out as we wish. Why can’t things just be perfect for us?

Wished for events and things are wonderful. They bring us joy and contentment. We feel good.

Unwished for events and things can seem sucky. They may bring us pain and discomfort, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We likely feel bad.

What’s the sense of unwanted things and circumstances, then? Why do we need to experience unhappiness?

If life were always good (according to our personal definition), we’d have no impetus to change. We might even get bored by the sameness after a while. What was once cause for celebration could become humdrum.

Experiences we see as negative offer us a contrast. They make the good things in life seem better.

Painful events also may impel us to shift. When we get uncomfortable, we’ll change our position or approach. Discomfort pushes us to act.

We also get life smarter by going through difficult circumstances. We learn new approaches and coping skills. We figure out how to navigate life more easily.

Today’s message invites me to redefine any unwished-for aspects in my life. Like umami and bitter tastes, a little discomfort can make life feel more satisfying and complex overall.

Please reflect and share. How do you view unwanted events?