Balance is a process.

There’s often something out of whack in our lives. Things may tend to be too much in one direction and not enough in the other.

This can cause difficulty and even consternation. We may wish the situation was just balanced and even.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that balance comes with experience and practice. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

Things will tip too far one way and then veer in the other. As with a pendulum, the energy needs to flow both directions until it can settle in the middle.

And, once settled, it doesn’t take much to set the process of back-and-forth movement in play again.

In our bodies, developing our core muscles can help us keep more stable. That doesn’t mean we won’t ever go out of physical balance. But core strength the help us recover our balance more quickly and easily.

It’s a similar process emotionally and mentally. We can and will be shaken by life events, but building emotional and mental resilience and help us weather life’s swings more gracefully and comfortably.

Today’s message reminds me that balance isn’t a permanent state. There can and will be disruptions in the stasis I might desire in life. Knowing that and being patient will help me recover from any upsets more readily,

Please reflect and share. How is your sense of balance—physically, emotionally, mentally?