Live in what is.

We all think we know what an ideal life looks like to us. We feel pretty clear on the particulars of our dreams.

And often our current life doesn’t exactly match our vision. What is may not be what we hoped for.

We may resent the difference and bemoan the loss of our vision. Or we may plan and grind ferociously, straining to mold what is into what we want it to be.

In both cases, we miss out of the fullness of the present moment. We’re so caught up in regret or fantasy that we fail to appreciate the goodness of what is right now.

Now is what we have. It is full of juicy bits to savor, if we’re willing to keep our focus on what is. Favorite music, comfortable clothes, enough to eat and drink (and maybe even tasty sustenance), good companionship, the beauty of nature around us—all these are likely present on most of our days.

So, there is something to enjoy in any moment, if we’re willing to recognize it. A good life is built with appreciation of what is.

That isn’t to say that we can’t use visualization to help manifest things we dream about. But gratitude for what we have and what we will have is the basis for successful manifestation.

Today’s message invites me to have a mini-party to celebrate what is. Right here, right now, life is good, and that is more than enough!

Please reflect and share. Do you tend to live in the moment?