Life isn’t a race.

Many of us are in a hurry much of the time. We have appointments, deadlines, and goals. We want to get things accomplished as scheduled.

And some of these timeframes are hard and fast. We don’t want to miss a vital doctor’s appointment. Business meetings usually are planned for a specific day and time. We have set working hours, and our children attend school to a routine.

But we also place timelines on our own activities. We may believe that doing so helps us complete tasks and move forward.

We may try to squeeze so many activities into a day that we reasonably can’t achieve them all. Rushing along to the next thing to do, we may miss out on much that could bring us pleasure and happiness.

Today’s message reminds me that the measure of my life isn’t how many things I accomplished. How I lived my life, how I interacted with other beings and things in both large and small ways, and how I related to my own intrinsic divine nature—these are the factors that define the nature of my existence.

Please reflect and share. What would define a good life for you?