Hew to what feels right.

We all live with many, many shoulds. We should do this. We shouldn’t do that. We should spend time with these folks. We shouldn’t talk to those people.

The weight of these expectations comes from both external and internal sources. Others can make it clear how they feel we should behave.

We also should on ourselves. We have notions—often derived from others’ opinions—of what we should and shouldn’t do. We use those ideas as a measuring stick to judge ourselves.

We could spend our entire lives operating in the land of should. And we likely wouldn’t be happy. We also might or might not be doing what is healthiest and most authentic for us.

Self-respect and healthy balance lies in doing what feels right to us. Not always what others want us to do. And perhaps not always what we might want to do.

Yes, sometimes we do things that are difficult or that we would rather not do. But we do them because we know they’re right. We understand that not doing them would kill off a piece of our self-respect. So, we deal with the effort, knowing that we will be able to sleep at night because we did what is best in the situation.

Today’s message advises me that happiness for me lies in following my own inner guidance. My sense of self and what is right will help steer me true more comfortably and ably than direction from any other source.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust your inner wisdom more than the opinions of others?