You know what is right for you

Sometimes we struggle with deciding what to do. We may feel conflicting urges about the right course of action.

We might be on receiving end of outside influence. Often others can be vocal about what they think we should do.

We may feel societal pressure to do the acceptable thing. Society has norms and values and we may be influenced by what others might think of our actions.

We may have strong ideas about what we ought to do. A sense of guilt or responsibility can drive our choices.

And then, if we’re willing to get quiet for a few minutes, there is what feels right to us. When we tune out all the outside noise and our thoughts about should and should not, we can listen to our inner voice, the one deep inside that speaks from our connection to the divine.

In the end, we make our choices and have to live with the results. It’s important for this reason that we do what feels right to us.

Today’s message reminds me that what feels right to me is most likely to be most satisfying to me in the long run. When I follow my own inner guidance, I’ll have better outcomes and fewer regrets.

Please reflect and share. How do you get in touch with your inner guidance?