Are you willing?

There are things we all want, things we don’t currently have. It may be a relationship, a better job, a child, a home of our own, or a deeper spiritual connection with life.

We likely regret the absence of our desire. We may bemoan the fact that it isn’t present in our lives.

But are we willing to do what is needed to allow our dream to manifest?

We may be willing to put in physical or mental effort. The hard work of changing our mindset and habits may be another thing. Are we truly invested in the outcome enough to alter how we live and think?

What if changing our routines and habits is required? Are we willing to switch out our beliefs and ingrained thought patterns to enable what we want. What if the way we habitually are is blocking the path to our dreams?

Today’s message invites me to re-examine how I might be getting in the way of what I want. When I’m willing to remodel myself a bit, life is more likely to change around me.

Please reflect and share. What are you willing to shift to achieve what you want?